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Does this sound like you?

You’re in an awesome, loving relationship, but…

  • As you’ve grown closer in relationship, has your desire settled? Maybe you’re not as hot, passionate, and juicy for each other as when you first met.
  • Are you feeling stuck or blocked in your sex life – perhaps there’s pressure to perform or it feels like you’re speaking two different languages around sex?
  • Are you ready to explore and bring something deeper, more meaningful into your lovemaking?
Leslie and Matt

Imagine being ecstatic about your relationship…

  • Feeling intimately connected and deeply met
  • Bringing back the passion and creating the type of lovemaking you know is possible
  • Ironing out the kinks so you can spend more time having fun and sharing love!

And honestly, that’s just the beginning! We’ll show you how to bring healing and bliss into your sexual connection, how to be constantly growing together in a way that’s healthy, and how your relationship can become the crucible for your spiritual transformation.

Weekend Workshops

Tantric Couples Masterclass

An 8-week online deep dive into the sacred alchemy of sex & relationship – Coming in October 2018!

“Ritual Tantra has helped me embrace the full yumminess of life. To see the sacred even in the dark, difficult parts of life. And it’s given me a taste of the deep soulful connection I’ve always longed for in physical intimacy. Everyone! Everyone needs this healing and this joy in their lives!”

Ritual Tantra Prayer Hands


Does this sound like you?

  • Are you being held back by the sexual and emotional baggage you’re carrying around?
  • Are you tired of swiping with dating apps and feel like you won’t settle for a cookie-cutter relationship?
  • Are you ready to explore and bring something deeper, more meaningful into your lovemaking?
Group Circle Tantra Events

Feel your bliss through conscious, embodied relating…

  • Discover a safe way to feel your turn-on and then respectfully share your yum
  • Develop your energetic presence and attunement by entering fully into your body
  • Release shame, fear, and old wounds around sex so that your full radiance can shine!

Join our Tantra Revolution! We’re out to create a new paradigm for relating based on safety and consent. Our tribe of Tantrikas celebrate each other to feel more, to step into wholeness, and never stop growing. Learn with us how to cultivate lasting desire, deep intimacy, and profound love on this sacred path.

Weekend Workshops

Stay Connected

“The Tantric Lover Immersion intensive was one of the most healing, freeing, and fun experiences in my life to date. I highly recommend this program to those seeking to have a deeper understanding and experience with Tantra , who are ready to fully step into there power and want to have the most authentic/deepest loving relationships with themselves, friends, family, co-workers, Lovers, and the DIVINE (WHICH IS ALL)!”


A Revolutionary Journey

Who we are – we’ve both been through the pain of sex lives that were boring, dysfunctional, downright harmful; it didn’t help that our childhoods were filled with sexual shame and repression growing up Catholic in the Midwest.


Matt found Tantra at the brink of losing a longterm relationship to a sexlife that wasn’t working. Tantric practices totally transformed the relationship and him in the process. Through these teachings Matt has learned to harness his body’s vitality and stamina, he’s grown into a better lover, and found that something more that he always felt was possible through lovemaking.


Leslie had a mundane life in San Diego, working as a nurse and partying at bars until she had a sudden revelation, experiencing her sexual energy connected with her heart and the universe and knowing that it’s something worth celebrating – she’s been on the path of Tantra ever since.

Discover Tantra with Us

Matt and Leslie have taught hundreds of people just like you to revolutionize lovemaking through Tantra. We’re passionate about sharing this path of deeper, more fulfilling connection. We’ve studied Tantra, sexuality, yoga, and psychotherapy around the globe to craft an experience that’s powerful, simple, and easy to grasp. Our unique approach to intimacy begins with a feeling of trust and safety so you can open into deep transformation. Find community, become a better lover, and go deeper into connection – we’re excited for you to join our tribe!