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We are Matt and Leslie, and we’ve crafted Everyday Tantra to vastly improve sex, intimacy, and relationships for singles and couples.


Relating Sexually can be Challenging

Relating sexually can be challenging. Maybe you’re looking to bring more pleasure and intimacy to your lovemaking or maybe you’re just plain stuck and you’re ready to try something new. Perhaps you sense that there’s something deeper to sex – something more to it, and you’re curious to explore. So many of us want our sex lives to be better, but lack the tools to make a change.

We hear you! Our approach, Everyday Tantra, provides practical, accessible resources for you to transform your love life. Our free Everyday Tantra Start-up Kit is a first, simple step on the path to inspired sex. You’ll get a video and a resource guide to kickstart more connected and fulfilling lovemaking today.

A New You is Emerging!

♡ Invest in a vibrant YOU through mind, body, and spirit

♡ Step into your full sexual power and expression

♡ Discover more joy and bliss than you can imagine

♡ Cultivate deeper intimacy and fulfilling lovemaking

♡ Become whole – healing sexual wounds and releasing shame, guilt, and fear

♡ Open to the path of Life and realize your radiant Self

A Revolutionary Journey

Who we are – we’ve both been through the pain of sex lives that were boring, dysfunctional, downright harmful; it didn’t help that our childhoods were filled with sexual shame and repression growing up Catholic in the Midwest.


Matt found Tantra at the brink of losing a longterm relationship to a sexlife that wasn’t working. Tantric practices totally transformed the relationship and him in the process. Through these teachings Matt has learned to harness his body’s vitality and stamina, he’s grown into a better lover, and found that something more that he always felt was possible through lovemaking.


Leslie had a mundane life in San Diego, working as a nurse and partying at bars until she had a sudden revelation, experiencing her sexual energy connected with her heart and the universe and knowing that it’s something worth celebrating – she’s been on the path of Tantra ever since.

Discover Tantra with Us

Matt and Leslie have taught hundreds of people just like you to revolutionize lovemaking through Tantra. We’re passionate about sharing this path of deeper, more fulfilling connection. We’ve studied Tantra, sexuality, yoga, and psychotherapy around the globe to craft an experience that’s powerful, simple, and easy to grasp. Our unique approach to intimacy begins with a feeling of trust and safety so you can open into deep transformation. Find community, become a better lover, and go deeper into connection – we’re excited for you to join our tribe!