PAST Somatic Experience of Attachment 4/10

Somatic Experience of Attachment

The Science of Connection
~Presented by Ritual~


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“Attachment Theory”? No, not like the Buddha.. Have you ever noticed the patterns of how people move closer and further from one another again and again in relationships? Yet others seem to stay a steady course with greater ease? Come explore your inner relationship to connection and intimacy. Based on extensive research, Attachment Theory offers us a potent body based understanding of how we engage in intimacy, life, and achieving the stable lasting relationships we desire.


Trevor has been working as a bodyworker and somatic practitioner for close to 15 years. Trevor’s background includes extensive training in Rolfing, martial arts, Tantra, Hakomi Somatic Therapy, and plant medicine

PAST Tantra Basics 3/28

Tantra Basics
~Presented by Ritual~

Tuesday, March 28th 7-10pm
East Bay Community Space
507 55th St. Oakland
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Tantra is the spiritual path of awakening and becoming whole through the practice of bringing awareness into your body and embracing all that life has to offer. Through this practice, tune into the energy of your body and your partner and channel it for awakening and healing. As a Tantrika, you will learn to harness your bliss as fuel for spiritual growth.

During this workshop you will:
– Learn the basic history, theory, and practice of Tantra
– Experience Tantrik meditation and breath-work
– Connect to your chakras and tune into to your subtle energy
– Through the practice of Transfiguration, see the divine in yourself and your partner
– Embody the Divine Masculine and Feminine
– Explore partner exercises to share conscious touch, cultivate intimacy, and share energy

This is a fully clothed event, perfect for beginners. You are welcome to participate at exactly the level that feels right for you. Open to singles, couples, triads, etc… and people of all genders.

Facilitated by:
Leslie Grace
Matt Sturm

$25 Tickets:

PAST Divine Mother as the Ultimate Tantric Consort 3/13

Divine Mother as the Ultimate Tantric Consort

~Presented by Ritual~

Monday March 13th, 7:00-10:00pm
East Bay Community Space, 507 55th St. Oakland
$25 Tickets

Divine Mother is the ultimate expression of the divine feminine and is being asked to awaken within each of us individually and more broadly in the collective consciousness in these times of great change we are living in. The tantric consort relationship at its essence is a relationship that evokes all the barriers to love within you. These barriers are held within the body as physical tension, hiding trauma pockets, unconscious beliefs, and other trapped emotions. The consort becomes such a powerfully evocative mirror, that it makes healing more readily available to these barriers to love within our body. In this workshop we will connect deeply to the lived experience of Divine Mother’s unconditionally loving, fierce and gentle energy within your body. This very human and very divine experience will invite you to let go of deeply held resentments, self-hatred, and experience a depth of “ok-ness” and implicit forgiveness of self and others.

From there we will learn to receive others via relational exercises from this place of unconditional love that requires no “doing” or “trying” from your ego self. Ironically, when we can learn to allow the love of Divine Mother to come through us, we receive tremendous healing as well as become a conduit for healing for others. Touching this depth of love and union with the divine feminine, will also deepen our capacity to remain present and open when our own or other’s emotional triggers get activated. By seeing the process of getting triggered for what it is, Divine Mother inviting us into more and more love for what is, we can stop taking our own or other’s triggers personally, and allow emotional energy to release out of our system with greater ease. Eventually we will see our life circumstances that include and are not limited to our tantric partner(s), as a consort that is constantly inviting us to heal, release, and be the embodiment of unconditional love through our human experience.


Michael Brabant is trained in both academic and clinical psychology settings as well as studied with shamans, mystics, and healers. He integrates the most potent approaches towards healing and awakening to support embodied transformation in a teaching called Divine Humanity.

Through Divine Humanity, we can begin to see that each moment we experience, is an expression of life’s sacred intelligence helping us to heal and embody our fullest expression in every moment.

He holds transformative workshops and retreats and works with people individually. He is devoted to becoming the fullest expression of humanity possible and doing so with great levity, ease, and fierce gentleness. You can learn more about his work at

PAST Subtle Energy 2/28/17

Subtle Energy

~Presented by Ritual~
Tuesday Feb 28th, 7:00-10:00pm
The Center SF Tea House
548 Fillmore St., San Francisco
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Our body’s life-force energy can be harnesses as fuel for spiritual growth. This practice requires us to raise our awareness of subtle energy and develop the ability to control and channel it. Also known as Chi or Prana, subtle energy is our vital essence. By tuning into the flow of our energy we come to better understand our bodies and how to weave it with those around us for healing and awakening.

In this interactive workshop you will learn tools to master your energy and connect with each other’s. It’s a low-woo, try it yourself and see how it feels approach that’s full of fun, playful exercises. We create a safe container so you’re free to explore and be your full self.

You will learn:
* How to feel subtle energy for yourself
* How to open your body so energy can flow freely
* Techniques for connecting your energy with others
* Practices to harness this energy for intimacy and spiritual growth

Is this for me?
Whether you’re curious about energy or a long-time practitioner, this workshop is an accessible, fun exploration of our mystical bodies. Our workshop is safe and supportive for people with all levels of experience. We’ll have the option to drop-in with each other through group, solo, and partner exercises. Beautiful souls of all genders and relationship status are welcome. Bring an open mind and an open heart.

About Ritual
Ritual is a Bay Area community of spiritual practitioners who facilitate access to primary spiritual experience through the conscious use of meditation, yoga, and Ritual.

Facilitated by:
Leslie Grace
Matt Sturm

$25 Tickets: