PAST Tantra Basics 3/28/17

Tantra Basics
~Presented by Ritual~

Tuesday, March 28th 7-10pm
East Bay Community Space
507 55th St. Oakland
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Tantra is the spiritual path of awakening and becoming whole through the practice of bringing awareness into your body and embracing all that life has to offer. Through this practice, tune into the energy of your body and your partner and channel it for awakening and healing. As a Tantrika, you will learn to harness your bliss as fuel for spiritual growth.

During this workshop you will:
– Learn the basic history, theory, and practice of Tantra
– Experience Tantrik meditation and breath-work
– Connect to your chakras and tune into to your subtle energy
– Through the practice of Transfiguration, see the divine in yourself and your partner
– Embody the Divine Masculine and Feminine
– Explore partner exercises to share conscious touch, cultivate intimacy, and share energy

This is a fully clothed event, perfect for beginners. You are welcome to participate at exactly the level that feels right for you. Open to singles, couples, triads, etc… and people of all genders.

Facilitated by:
Leslie Grace
Matt Sturm

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PAST Men’s Tantrik Practice 1/11/17

Men’s Tantrik Practice

7:00-10:00pm, Wednesday, Jan 11th
The Center SF Tea House, 548 Fillmore St, SF
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Tantra yoga is a path of discovering our own true nature. The approach is centered in direct experience through our bodies. And because our bodies are the teacher, we focus on raising our awareness through yoga, meditation, and sexual practice.

This workshop is an introduction to the aspects of Tantrik practice specific to men.

Part 1
The first step is in raising our awareness of how male bodies work. You will learn theory and techniques for:

* How male bodies function sexually and how to maximize that performance
* Ejaculatory control: how to last longer and make coming a conscious choice
* Sex drive: tune in to your desire and connect with your potent energy
* How to have multiple, full-body orgasms

Part 2
The second half of the workshop is focused on embodying the masculine:

* The qualities of Shiva, the divine masculine
* How the polarity of masculine and feminine creates lasting desire in relationships
* Anima – celebrating our inner feminine

Is this for me?
This workshop is great for anyone with a male body or anyone who enjoys having sex with male bodies. If you’re a man looking to go deeper into conscious sexual practice, this is for you. If you’re interested in supporting your manly partner in his sexual growth, this is for you.

Facilitated by:
Matt Sturm