Welcoming the Fall and getting grounded

Taking a moment to welcome the Fall

I love autumn. It’s a time of re-balancing as the light meets the dark and a time of returning to the earth. The air smells earthy, we eat hearty food, and the leaves and plants come back into the earth. It’s time to harvest all the summer’s growth and integrate it into our being. And we can use this period for temperance and centering.

Are you feeling more sensitive?

As we grow on our spiritual path and come into greater self-awareness, you may notice that emotions are becoming  more intense and that the range of what you’re feeling is increasing. We become more tuned in to what’s actually happening in the body and because we’re listening and allowing, the whole range of our natural emotional state starts to blossom.

It can be overwhelming

The Tantric practice of being present with what is can be really hard. Once we open into the fullness of our being, there’s no turning back. That’s why it’s important to have some tools to support you – you don’t have to hold it all by yourself.

And there’s all that Energy we’ve been cultivating

If you come to any of our workshops, you’ve probably done some Breath, Sound, and Movement with us to get your energy flowing. In Tantra, we love bringing energy into our bodies – whether through sex or yoga. And as we grow in these practices of generating more energy, we don’t want to get overwhelmed by it. 

What is “Grounding”?

Grounding means opening up a connection between our body and the earth. When we ground, we start to have a direct experience of the earth. By connecting with the earth we can let any energy, tension, or emotion flow – the earth is infinitely receptive and will gladly absorb anything we send to her. And we can also bring the qualities of the earth up into our bodies – stability, expansiveness, stillness, and solidity. We can draw on the strength of the earth to hold us, because we actually belong to the earth, we’re a part of her.

Try this grounding meditation

One of my teachers, Reggie Ray, uses a meditation protocol that he calls the Earth Drop. It’s a very deep (yes, I know: deep) practice for connecting with the earth and grounding ourselves. If you want the full hour from Reggie, you can check out dharmaocean.org for his guided meditation. I recorded a short intro – it’s 10 minutes long – and a great place to start. Try it out:

Intro to the Earth Drop Meditation – 10 Minute audio track

This practice has been really powerful for me to come back to center and balance. I use it all the time. And as we transition into Autumn, I hope this simple practice will serve you too.
Much love,
Matt (and Leslie)
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