What is Sacred Spot Massage?

We love this work!

Over the weekend, Leslie and I facilitated a Yoni Massage weekend in Oakland with over 20 amazing souls. Every time I share Sacred Spot massage with someone new, I’m blown away by the transformational power of this work.

So what is Sacred Spot Massage anyway?

Sacred Spot massage is a modality of sexual and energetic bodywork where one person holds intentional space for another to receive. If a person with a vagina is receiving, we call it Yoni Massage – Yoni is a Sanskrit word meaning “Sacred Temple”. And if a person with a penis is receiving, we call it a Lingam Massage, where Lingam translates to “Wand of Light”. Importantly, Sacred Spot is not a goal-oriented practice: it’s about both people listening to the receiver’s body, letting go of expectations, and entering into an exploration together.

Where did Sacred Spot come from?

Sacred Spot massage was first created in the late 1970’s by Charles Muir, a teacher of ours. It was further developed by Annie Sprinkle, and Joseph Kramer in the 1980s. As such, it is a modern addition to Tantra, but one that incorporates some of the foundational principles of Tantra such as the inherent sacredness of all of life (including the body and sensuality) and the meditative practice of channeling energy in the body for greater wholeness and spiritual growth.

This practice will change your life

The two outcomes of this technique are Healing and Awakening. We harness the power of our life-force energy to contact and release our traumas, stuck energy, and old wounds. In Sacred Spot we can also expand our awareness to the full radiant bliss that exists in our bodies. Time after time I’ve seen this practice open receivers up to a whole new relationship with their sexuality, and it’s been profoundly impactful on me (Matt) for moving through my shame and guilt around sexuality.
Equally important when we teach this work: we call participants to step into the role of the Daka or Dakini, which means sacred sexual priest/priestess. We teach you how to hold sacred space, how to ground energy, and how to be in loving presence for whatever may arise during the session. It’s incredibly empowering to discover this archetype within yourself.

Great! Where do I start?

Leslie and I both offer private sacred spot sessions for people of all  genders. We also work with couples to teach you how to practice with your partner. Check out our personal websites: Matt and Leslie.
In addition, this is your last chance to sign up for our month-long Tantric Lover Immersion, which starts on Monday, Oct 9th. In this Immersion, each person will get to both give and receive sacred spot massage. See all the details by clicking the link.
Thanks again to you for joining us on this path of reclaiming the beauty and power of our sexuality. It can be scary and painful, but also incredibly uplifting. We’re so grateful that we get to share this work with the world.
Much love,
Matt (& Leslie)
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