Women’s Tantrik Practice


Monday, Jan 30th – 7pm-10pm
Guava Temple, 4210 Holden St, Emeryville
$25 Tickets

Tantra yoga is a path of discovering our own true nature. The approach is centered in direct experience through our bodies. And because our bodies are the teacher, we focus on raising our awareness through yoga, meditation, and sexual practice.

This workshop is an introduction to the aspects of Tantrik practice specific to women.

Part 1
The focus of the first section is in raising our awareness of how female bodies work. You will learn theory and techniques for:

* The seven types of female orgasms
* How to enhance awareness and sensation during sexual practice
* Tuning into the flow of sexual energy in our bodies
* Moving through sexual trauma

Part 2
The second half of the workshop is focused on embodying the feminine:

* The qualities of Shakti, the divine feminine
* Awakening our power as priestesses
* Unlocking the depth of surrender
* How the polarity of masculine and feminine creates lasting desire in relationships
* Animus – celebrating our inner masculine

Is this for me?
This workshop is great for anyone who identifies as female or anyone who enjoys sex with females. If you’re a woman looking to go deeper into conscious sexual practice; if you’re looking to awaken your sexual desire and step into your feminine power, this is for you. If you’re interested in supporting your goddess in her sexual growth, this is for you. All people welcome, inclusive of sex, gender, and orientation.

Facilitated by:
Leslie Grace www.lesliegracetantra.com
Matt Sturm awakeningbliss.net

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