Embodied Sacred Puja
~Presented by Ritual~

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A Puja is a Tantric Ritual of Presence and Connection to the Self, fellow human beings and the Divine. It is a beautiful practice of surrender and trust in the perfection of all that takes place. Kailani’s Puja’s are circular, so the participants move from partner to partner, diving deeper with each station into Beingness and Awareness. Our Puja partners become our sacred mirrors and show us more of who we are.

This is a fully clothed event. You are invited to participate at exactly the level that feels right for you. Open to singles, couples, triads, etc… and people of all genders.

About Kailani Shakti
Kailani Shakti is a life-long practitioner of somatic arts such as yoga, embodied meditation, dance, Tantra and hands-on healing work. She feels deeply passionate about bringing embodied awareness into the world through her workshops and individual work.
She is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Life Coach and Certified Tantra Teacher, having received her credentials from White Lotus Foundation, Martha Beck Life Coaching Institute and Source School of Tantra Yoga. Kailani is also a certified Reiki practitioner.
Aside from the above, she has studied with masters and teachers of various somatic modalities that have taught her to navigate the world of energy, body and mind with grace.

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