Tantrik Lovemaking

Ritual, Theory, and Practice
~Presented by Ritual~

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Think about all the reasons we have sex: Pleasure, intimacy, love, performance, conquest, wanting to give, wanting to receive, and on and on…

Tantra approaches sex as a spiritual practice. Our sexual energy is fuel for spiritual growth. Sexual connection is a path to awakening to the true nature of self and universe. Tantrik sex has no goal beyond realization and no prescribed way it should look. In fact, the practice involves removing all ego, pre-conception, and expectation and instead moving into the spontaneity of the present moment. Moving beyond the stories and beliefs about what sex means, we become truly alive through this powerful spiritual practice.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Tantrik lovemaking ritual – how to bring the sacred into your sexual practice
  • Transfiguration – the practice of calling the divine to flow through you and your partner
  • Brahmacharya and Sublimation – how to move beyond genital-centered orgasms into full-body bliss

And you will have the invitation to experience:

  • Letting go of expectations and beliefs around sex
  • Inhabiting the spontaneous present moment through connection
  • Opening up to more intimacy
  • Channeling your body’s energy and sharing it with a partner

This workshop is appropriate for all levels of experience. While we will be talking about sex and exploring sexual energy, there will be no explicit sexual contact and clothing will stay on. Open to singles, couples, triads etc… and people of all genders. Low-income application:https://goo.gl/fk23XK

Leslie Grace www.lesliegracetantra.com
Matt Sturm awakeningbliss.net

Ritual is a Bay Area community of spiritual practitioners who facilitate access to primary spiritual experience through the conscious use of meditation, yoga, sexuality, and Ritual.

$30 Tickets: https://goo.gl/Gz4qgV

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