The Empowered Man

4-Week Tantrik Men’s Group
~Presented by Ritual~

4 Monday evenings starting July 10th 2017
Private Mission SF Venue

The Empowered Man is a transformational journey into the masculine. It’s a unique opportunity to step into your full sexual power while cultivating community with like-minded brothers. Drawing on the spiritual teachings of Tantra and on the collective wisdom of each other, we will explore what it means to be a conscious, loving, and powerful man.

You are:
* Embracing your masculinity in a way that’s safe, respectful, and still powerful
* Dedicated to master your sexual energy, stamina, and vitality
* Deepening your understanding of conscious sexuality and/or Tantra
* Passionate about the power of sexual healing
* Valuing the support and brotherhood of other awakened men

What to Expect
The Empowered Man is a blend of community discussion and practical instruction. We believe in the guru within you and are excited to hear his strong voice. Matt and Dane will share their insights and expertise, drawing on the spiritual path of Tantra. You will learn how to give a Sacred Spot massage (Yoni massage) and witness a live demo.

We will cover:
* Tantra’s approach to men’s body-mechanics: Vitality, Stamina, and Attunement
* Re-defining the Masculine: how to be powerful with sensitivity
* Pathways through the heart: cultivating intimacy, vulnerability, and loving presence
* Sacred Spot massage: instruction plus live demo
* Subtle energy, yoga, and meditation techniques for self-mastery

The Empowered Man Experience
Drawing on a wide range of teachings, both ancient and contemporary, we’ve tailored this Men’s Group to create lasting transformation for your life. We focus on tuning into the experience of our bodies and the wisdom of the group, so you’re constantly engaged. You’ll learn techniques from yoga and meditation that get you into your body and out of your head. And while this is a mystical journey, we minimize “woo” and favor a practical, simple approach. We create a strong container where you are safe, resourced, and secure so you can express your full, awesome self.

We crafted the schedule so you can go deep without need to travel or take time off. By consistently engaging over the course of a month, you’ll create lasting change in your relationships and your life.

Tantra has been revolutionary in our lives and we are passionate about sharing these teachings. Our dream is to co-create a vibrant tribe of awakened lovers, conscious healers, and attuned brothers. We’re out to re-define our cultural norms of the masculine and taking ourselves to the next level. We hope you’ll join us!

Monday July 10th, 7-10pm
Monday July 17th, 7-10pm
Monday July 24th, 7-10pm
Monday July 31st, 7-10pm

Matt Sturm is the founder and co-lead of Ritual Tantra, a community bringing spirituality and conscious sexuality to the Bay Area. Matt first studied Tantra at Agama Yoga, is a Certified Tantra Education through Source Tantra, and is currently completing his Yoga Teacher Training and studying the Hakomi Method of therapy.
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Dane is an executive and life coach whose passion and purpose is helping people expand beyond their limits to craft their lives and the world. Dane studied Tantra at Agama Yoga and brings enthusiasm and a healthy skepticism to his exploration of spirituality. He is an entrepreneur, yoga instructor, massage therapist, reiki healer and creator of musical experiences.

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