How to bring your peak experiences into daily life

My Hatha Yoga graduation in Thailand

Did you have an epic August? Were you opening new portals in your life during the eclipse? Did you lose and/or find yourself in the dust at Burning Man? Whether you were making new friends, connecting with family, traveling somewhere new, or simply rooting down into your daily life…

August is a time of expansion

But every expansion is followed by contraction. Every peak brings a trough. And the doldrums of the default world come calling in September.
Personally, I just spent the month of August in an intensive Hatha yoga training in Thailand – definitely a peak experience for my spiritual practice. And I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to integrate my experience with my daily life back home. So today I wanted to share some perspective on:

How to bring your peak experiences into daily life

Peak experiences are great for showing us what’s possible. In fact, they show us our own possibilities – the best and brightest YOU that you can be. But how can we integrate the awesomeness?

Step 1: Let it flow

Peaks and valleys are part of life. Trying to hold on to the good times only causes more pain. Instead of resisting the crash or chasing the high, try to let the present moment be a flow. Honor the natural cycle of expansion and contraction.

Step 2: It’s all fuel for growth

While the highs show us what’s possible, the lows show us the depth of our being. For me, the contractions show me just how much I’ve grown in grace, resolve, and acceptance. When we can see the inevitable periods of contraction as teachers, it becomes so much easier. Often our own resistance to our situation is harder than the situation itself.

One of my favorite quotes:

The Tantrika has two modes of learning about her true nature: learning from states of expansion, and learning from states of contraction. It is an absolutely false view to think that one mode is better than the other, or to measure your worth as a human being or competence as a yogi on the basis of how much time you spend in an expanded state and how much in a contracted one. True expansion into the fullness of your divine nature begins when you radically relinquish all such dualistic judgments.

Step 3: Daily Practice!

This one is the most important! How do you take that joy, that new realization, that open heart, that connection with Life and bring it into your daily life? Practice practice practice! Whether it’s meditation, yoga, journaling, or dancing in your underwear – find some way to be present with yourself every day. Actively recall that blissful feeling and transport yourself back into that energy – it’s easier than you think with a little bit of intention.

Our daily practice creates a strong container in the Self. As new energies flow into our lives, it is the strength of our container that will integrate that energy into lasting transformation. The Alchemy of the Self requires three ingredients: a strong container, fresh energy, and an open heart. 

I hope you had an amazing August. And if you did – here’s to bringing it with you into the Autumn.
Much love,
Matt (& Leslie)

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