Why subtle energy is important:
better lovemaking!

I’m guessing you’ve heard about subtle energy – it’s variously called Chi, Prana, elan vital, or simply life force energy. This is an energy that we can tune into and experience in our own body, in the space around us, and in connection with others. It’s not a scientific phenomena, but more of a felt sense. You can think of it as the energy that animates life.

Tantra loves subtle energy

Tantra is all about your direct experience through your body. Tantra practitioners (tantrikas) are very interested in learning how our bodies work because the body is considered the vehicle to realization – by working through the body, we find truth. Tantrikas and yogis have classified channels that energy flows through (called nadis) and centers where energy tends to pool (called chakras). Just about every practice we do in Tantra has an energetic component.

So why should I care about subtle energy?

The energy in our body is our life force, it’s our creative force, and it’s our sexual vitality. By bringing more energy into our bodies, we can heal both physical and emotional wounds. Life has an innate drive towards wholeness so when we get stuck, sometimes we just need a little energy to loosen things up. This is what energy healing is all about.

But that’s not all!

In addition to healing, energy can also give us more pleasure during lovemaking, take us into states of bliss, and transport us into unity with the universe around us (pick your word here: enlightenment, samadhi, realization, divinity). And this last part is why we call sexual Tantra a spiritual path.

How can I try this?

I just made a pretty bold statement in the paragraph above. I don’t expect you to take my word for it – instead, just try it for yourself! We cultivate energy through first gaining awareness of what we’re feeling. Then we learn how to control the energy – increase/decrease intensity. And the third step is to channel the energy through our bodies. We move energy through Breath, Sound, and Movement. 


You can practice tuning into your subtle energy through Yoga, meditation, Qigung, or other energy practices. The more you practice, the stronger it gets. In the Men’s Group I’m leading right now, we’re all practicing a yoga technique called Uddiyana Banda to feel energy and start moving it up the spine. 5 minutes per day is a great start.

Here’s a video on Uddiyana Banda

Bringing Subtle Energy into lovemaking

Here is the exciting part. As you are making love, enormous amounts of subtle energy is being generated in your body – maybe it’s not so subtle in this context! What we want to do is draw on our energy practice to feel the energy, control it, and then move it to the rest of our body – especially up to the crown of the head. As we’re generating energy in the pelvis, we’re using breath/sound/movement/touch to spread the energy around our bodies. This brings lots more pleasure and can lead to full-body orgasms! I highly recommend it.

Tell me more!

Getting started with subtle energy is easy, and we’ve got loads of techniques and tips to share about how to start practicing yourself. We love talking about this stuff so feel free to schedule a coaching session or drop into one of our workshops!
Much love,
Matt (& Leslie)
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