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*Stay tuned for Fall 2017 Dates*

Bring the sacred into sexual connection. Ignite your passion and deepen intimacy with your partner. Join our tribe on a transformational journey into Tantrik Lovership.



 An Immersion into Sacred Awakening

Tantrik Lover is a month-long immersive experience. It’s a unique opportunity to invest in yourself and light that spark in your relationship while cultivating community with like-minded people.

This is a transformational approach to love, sex, intimacy, and healing.

Translating Tantra for the modern lover, this training will empower you to embody your love and liberate your passion. Through this training, couples will learn how to heal sexual wounds and awaken into divine lovership together.


Who This Is For

♡  You are ready to invest in a thriving relationship
♡  You want tools to create lasting desire, vulnerable intimacy, and profound love
♡  Your spiritual path has led you to deepen your understanding of Tantra
♡  You can feel yourself starting to release shame, guilt, and fear
♡  You are answering a call to become a sexual healer
♡  You are stepping into your full sexual power
♡  You desire to connect with a community of embodied, awakened individuals


The Tantrik Lover Experience

Drawing on a wide range of teachings, both ancient and contemporary, we’ve tailored this immersion to create lasting transformation for your partnership. We focus on tuning into the experience of our bodies, so there’s less lecture and more doing. You’ll learn techniques from yoga and meditation that get you into your body and out of your head. And while this is a mystical journey, we minimize “woo” and favor a practical, simple approach. We create a strong container where you are safe, resourced, and secure so you’re free to go deep.

We crafted the schedule so you can go deep without need to travel or take time off. By consistently engaging over the course of a month, you’ll create lasting change in your relationship and your life.

Tantra has been revolutionary in our lives and we are passionate about sharing these teachings. Our dream is to co-create a vibrant tribe of awakened lovers and conscious healers. We hope you’ll join us!



The Tantrik Lover Immersion includes:
♡  3 Evening workshops
♡  3 Daylong deep dives
♡  1 Private session with Leslie and Matt
♡  2 Group check-in calls
♡  Exclusive Facebook group to connect with classmates
♡  A wealth of supporting materials

Evening 1
Introduction and opening ceremony
A friendly introduction to Tantra
Sexuality of the Chakras – four flavors of sexual expression
Polarity of Masculine and Feminine energy – cultivating lasting desire

Daylong 1
Dancing Freedom – awakening embodied passion
Cultivating intimacy
A new paradigm of sexual empowerment
Subtle energy practices

Evening 2
Tantrik Lovemaking – principles and exercises
Tantrik Ritual

Daylong 2
Tantrik approach to healing and trauma
Yoni massage demo
Couples yoni massage – hands-on practice*

Daylong 3
Lingam massage demo
Couples lingam massage – hands-on practice*

Evening 3
Tantrik Lover Puja!

*Note: We will be creating a sacred container for couples to practice a sexual healing and awakening session during the daylong. While optional, this experience is highly encouraged.



Spring 2017 Dates
7-10pm, Tuesday, April 18th
10am-6pm, Saturday, April 29th
7-10pm, Tuesday, May 9th
10am-6pm, Saturday, May 13th
10am-6pm, Saturday, May 20th
7-10pm, Tuesday, May 23rd
Oakland CA




“Matt and Leslie defy all expectations. With fluidity and grace, they both lead and follow, give and receive, and represent a refreshing new perspective on an age-old philosophy that invites relevance to our modern lifestyle. I arrived to the course hesitant but excited, and am leaving inspired and more fully embodied. I recommend their course to anyone exploring a Tantric path.”

“Tantric healing is a form of healing unlike any other modality out there. I’m a marriage & family therapist and this training is invaluable to any healer working with trauma. Highly recommend it!”

Sacred Love Warrior weekend is an invitation and an opportunity to open oneself up to a new way of relating in a nurturing and safe environment. I’ve been to a few different workshops that would undoubtedly be familiar to anyone considering SLW and I can positively share that this was the most nurturing of those environments. Some of that feeling comes from the intimate size of the group but it was also clear in the tone set by Leslie and Matt from the very beginning which welcomed doubt and uncertainty but continued to keep the invitation for deeper relating open. Overall, I had a really wonderful time. Some parts of the weekend were challenging, others were fairly easy for me, and others were extraordinarily eye and heart-opening.”



Regular Price: $3175 per couple
Application must be received by Friday, April 15, 2017

Early Bird: $2850 per couple
Application must be received by Tuesday, Feb 28, 2017

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations more than 30 days before the course will receive a full refund minus a $300 non-refundable deposit. Cancellations within 30 days of the course will be granted a credit for 70% of tuition payment toward a future course. No refunds will be granted after the course begins or for any non-attendance. Cancellations are accepted via phone or email.


Fill out the application form by clicking Apply Now!

Upon acceptance, you will receive an email notification. Within one week of acceptance, you will receive a link to register and pay.

More Information
For more information or questions about the immersion, application, or for accommodation of special needs, please email awakeningblisstantra@gmail.com