Who We Are

Matt Sturm

matt-headshotI am following a calling to share the gift of Tantra with the world. Through workshops, coaching, and private sessions, I work with you to integrate meditation, yoga, sexuality, and ritual into your path of spiritual growth. I teach hands-on methods for inhabiting our bodies, connecting with the breath, cultivating deep intimacy, and tuning in to the universal love within us all. My approach is practical and experiential with just the right amount of Woo. Ultimately, my goal is to raise consciousness and inspire greater love within my students and community.
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I would be honored to be part of your spiritual journey.




Leslie Grace

lelsie-headshot-2As a Sex & Intimacy Coach I work interactively with men, women, and couples, empowering them to discover their radiant confidence, smoldering sensuality, and to explore the deep, delicious dimensions of their sexual nature they may have only dreamed of.  A modern-day sexual healer and muse, I invite my clients into a unique, experiential and often quite intimate connection that evokes the fullness of one’s erotic potential. I am deeply devoted to helping men and woman liberate their sexual energy and align themselves with love in order to be the most powerful force of change on the planet they can be!
You can find out more about my work at: lesliegracetantra.com
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