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Your sensual vacation in paradise is calling!

Your sensual vacation in paradise is calling! Whether you’re single or in partnership, treat yourself to an exquisite celebration of love and intimacy on a breath-taking beach in Mexico. Don’t settle for stale, unfulfilling sex when you’ve already glimpsed the beauty of conscious lovemaking.  Continue to explore deeper levels of intimacy and step into your power through sacred sexuality,igniting  your lovemaking and life. Find your tribe of Sacred Love Warriors who are committed to growing, loving, and living with passion and connection.

Sacred Love Warrior *  Playa Viva Resort, Mexico

Who this is for

You’re cultivating a vibrant YOU through mind, body, and spirit

You’re curiously excited to explore Tantra and sacred sexuality

You’re ready for deeper intimacy and fulfilling lovemaking

You’re on a healing path – releasing shame, guilt, and fear

You know you can have it all: Tantric bliss in paradise!

Why Tantra?

Because sex doesn’t have to be hard!

We’ve been there – caught in patterns of stale, non-existent, dysfunctional, or downright harmful sex. If the sexual connection isn’t working, it can wreck a relationship and decimate our self-esteem. Both Leslie and Matt were raised Catholic and had to move through layers of repression and shame around our bodies and sexuality. Four years ago, Matt was on the verge of losing a relationship to dysfunctional sex, and after discovering Tantra he completely revitalized the relationship and transformed himself in the process.

Because sex is sacred!

There can be something deeper, more meaningful and fulfilling to sex – and we’re guessing you’ve had a taste of it. When Leslie discovered the beauty and power of her sexuality, she left her mundane life working as a nurse and partying at bars. Since then, she’s devoted her life to living and teaching this simple Tantric truth: when we bring mindfulness into our sexual practice, it unleashes our inner power and transports us into our vast interconnection with all of Life.

We’ve taught hundreds of people just like you how to become better lovers, how to step into their fully radiant sexual expression, and how to bring the sacred into lovemaking through Tantra.

Here’s what you can expect

6 evenings of sacred Tantric rituals and pujas for heart-opening and erotic fire

2 workshop sessions each day for an Initiation into the experience of Tantra including:

Tantra philosophy and spiritual practice

Sexuality of the Chakras

Tantric practices for releasing shame, guilt, fear, and limiting beliefs

Owning our sexual fantasies and embracing our shadows

Men’s Tantric Practice – sexual vitality and stamina, non-ejaculatory orgasms, full body orgasms

Women’s Tantric Practice – types of female orgasms, embodying your full sexual power

Tantric Lovemaking practices

Stepping into the role of the healer

♡ Morning Chakra-Yoga specifically designed for Tantra

A romantic, secluded beach at a world-class eco-resort with organic, locally-sourced food and our dear friends Alok and Anjuli providing spa services.

A free day to explore, relax, or volunteer at the neighboring sea turtle sanctuary

An unforgettable week of exploration, intimacy, sensuality, growth, and sacred celebration!

Start your day right

Sacred Love Warrior is a 7-day retreat at the idyllic Playa Viva resort on a secluded beach north of Acapulco. Rise each morning in your beach-side bungalow to the sound of the waves gently crashing. For the dedicated yogi’s, Matt will greet the day with an energetic form of yoga unlike anything you’ve experienced – it’s a chakra-focused hatha yoga designed to awaken your body specifically for Tantra. Nourish your body with Playa Viva’s organic Farm-to-Table breakfast.

Immerse Yourself in Tantra

We’ll be guiding you into the experience of Tantra each morning as we share the practices that have transformed our lives.  While this is a mystical journey, we minimize the “woo” and favor a practical, simple approach. We create a strong container where you are safe, resourced, and secure so you can express your full, loving self.

You’ll have a few luxurious hours each day to enjoy the beach, get a massage, or explore. Then another afternoon of learning and discovery through Tantra. After dinner, we’ll close each night with a different Tantric ritual to awaken the spirit, open the heart, or ignite your passion.

Go Explore!

On Wednesday, you’ll have a free day to play. Playa Viva offers Snorkling/Scuba diving, surfing, kayaking, fishing, shopping, archeology, sweat lodge, and wildlife tours. You can use this day to book a Sacred Spot massage with Leslie or Matt. Or, our recommendation, you can volunteer at the Sea Turtle Sanctuary next to the resort – if the timing is right this could involve releasing baby turtles into the ocean.

Make Deep Connections

Over the course of the week, we’ll be weaving together a really connected, loving, respectful group. The connections that we make during a week like this can last a lifetime. There will be no nudity or explicit sexual practice during the course, though we will be cultivating our yummy sexual energy throughout the week.

Playa Viva Resort

A Sustainable Yoga Resort


Prices vary by room type. These rates include the 7-night Tantra retreat, your room, all meals, airport transportation, all taxes, and resort wifi. Rates do not include, Bar drinks, Spa, Excursions, Sacred Spot sessions with Leslie or Matt, and staff tips.

People in a Room Cost/Person
Group of 3 to 4  $1900
Couple Queen  $2150
Couple King  $2250
Single Studio  $2150
Single Queen  $2750
Single King  $3050

Sacred Love Warrior

We call it Sacred Love Warrior because the path of Tantra is a Warrior’s path – it is not for the faint of heart. Tantra involves being with what is present, feeling through the hard, stuck places within ourselves, and a dedication to knowing truth. This is a path into the service of Life – of being vibrant and whole, of cultivating deep, nourishing relationships, and of healing and being healed through bliss – that’s why we call it Sacred. And the journey we take is through the Heart, because deep down, we are love. We’re out to create a new paradigm for conscious sexual expression and if you’re up for it, we’d be honored for you to join us as a Sacred Love Warrior!

~with love
Matt & Leslie