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Pre-Ceremony Purification through Yoga

with Matt Sturm
Presented by Ritual Tantra

$30 Tickets: https://goo.gl/JLgVFe

Medicine ceremonies offer an opportunity to step outside of our mundane habits and worldview and into the direct present-moment experience of our bodies and Life. This naked immersion into reality can be painful, frightening, blissful, and humbling. Medicine can bring our bodies’ vast energetic potential online and as the energy moves it clears out blockages, impurities, traumas, and stuck emotions from our system.

We can make this process easier on ourselves by purifying our bodies, minds, and spirits ahead of our ceremony.

The Yoga of Purification

“Like an unbaked pot in water, the body is always decaying. One should bake it with the fire of Yoga and make it pure.”
~Gheranda Samhita, classical yoga text

For hundreds of years in Hatha Yoga and back farther into Tantric tradition, the cornerstone of yogic practice has been purification. We purify the body; we purify our thoughts, actions, and emotions; and we purify our spirit. We make ourselves a clean channel so that energy can flow through us. Refined over centuries, this system is designed to prepare the practitioner to hold more and more energy and be able to surrender deeper and deeper into oneness of being, or samadhi.

These techniques work hand-in-hand with medicine in the crucible of our bodies. The more we purify and clear out ahead of our ceremony, the more ease and flow and the greater our energetic capacity can be during the ceremony itself.

What you will learn

  • Four body purification techniques from Hatha yoga known as Shatkarmas or Kriya-Yoga
  • Seven yoga poses (asanas) in a sequence to energize and cleanse your chakras from bottom to top
  • Four breath techniques (pranayama)
  • The cellular breathing meditation technique

“Hatha yoga commences with purification of the body, the shatkarmas, then come asana and pranayama.”
~Swami Muktibodhananda, commentary on the Hatha Yoga Pradipika


Who this is for

Prior yoga experience is a plus, but is not required. All techniques can be picked up by beginners. These techniques apply to all types of medicine and are applicable to solo, theraputic, and group ceremony settings. We value your confidentiality and privacy and will be holding a tight container for this event. We support our whole community – low income application form:https://goo.gl/fk23XK


Matt Sturm – I first studied Tantra and Yoga at Agama Yoga in Thailand. I’m a Certified Tantra Educator through Source Tantra and a certified Yoga Teacher through Body Temple Yoga. I’m currently studying the Hakomi Method of psychotherapy. Through workshops, coaching, and private sessions, I work with you to integrate meditation, yoga, sexuality, and ritual into your path of spiritual growth. I teach hands-on methods for inhabiting our bodies, connecting with the breath, cultivating deep intimacy, and tuning in to the universal love within us all. My approach is practical and experiential with just the right amount of Woo. Ultimately, my goal is to raise consciousness and inspire greater love within my students and community. Learn more at awakeningbliss.net

$30 Tickets: https://goo.gl/JLgVFe